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Main Features

In your technical environment deadlines are tight and quality demands increasingly high. To make sure your business stays on the cutting edge of document handling, Rex Rotary introduces the new FW780. This analogue wide-format copier boasts high speed, professional quality, compactness and ease of use. Designed to meet the specific copy needs of your workgroup, drawing office or copy shop, the FW780 produces high-quality yet cost-effective wide-format output in a very efficient way. With operation easy for everyone, a compact design and a number of time- and labour-saving functions such as Synchro Cut and Multi Copy, the FW780 is the ideal wide-format copier for your office. And of course as you would expect of a Rex Rotary system, the FW780 reflects our company´s awareness of environmental concerns in its design, usage as well as maintenance.


Configuration Console (with roll feeder unit) 

Copying process Electrostatic transfer system 

Original size
Maximum 914 mm x 3,000 mm 

Minimum 210 mm x 297 mm 

Front feeder 35 to 187 µm 

Rear feeder 35 µm to 1 mm 

Copy size
Maximum 914 mm x 3,000 mm 

Minimum 210 mm x 297 mm 

Multiple copying Up to 10 (A0/E) 

Warm-up time Less than 3 minutes 

First copy speed Less than 25 seconds (A1) 

Process speed 3.6 metre per minute 

Copying speed
2 copies per minute A0/E 

4 copies per minute A1/D 

Reproduction ratio 1:1 (± 0.5%) 

Other features
  • Clear mode
  • Auto start
  • Auto clear
  • Job program
  • Margin adjustment
  • Partial copy
  • Emergency stop
  • Fusing temperature adjustment
  • Cut length adjustment              

Power source 220/230/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 7 A 

Power consumption Less than 1.5 kW 

Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,200 x 803 x 1,140 mm 

Weight Less than 79 kg (copier only) 

2 roll feeder units 


Roll cutting rail 

Side guide option 

Please consult your local Rex Rotary dealer, Copy-Fax Services.

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